Halo Reach Maps

view of the top of a triangular map with a structure at its center
My final multiplayer oriented Forge project, this map was one of the few projects across Halo 3 and Halo Reach where I built all of the "geometry" from scratch. The original design was much larger and had round corridors but due to various limitations with the tool and platform, the map became incredibly compact and needed other ways of breaking up sight lines, large pillars that extended between the top and middle floors of the map. Two elements made it all the way through the design and implementation process: the three floor structure and the ability to quickly move from the bottom to the top, and vice versa.
view of the top of a map built around a green central pillar with buildings on the right, left, and top and a large metal structure in the middle
My penultimate multiplayer oriented Forge project, this map grew out of my interest in building something on the less commonly used parts of Forge World (the game's canvas environment). This led to a broadly symmetrical map with some minor variations on each side to accommodate the different base geometry of the environment. This map also happens to be the one that went through the most radical change during its development, moving from using the pre-fabricated buildings to the final, custom made, angular structures. One side effect of this change was the buildings themselves getting larger and having more ways of moving between floors.

Halo 3 Maps

view of the top of a map of catwalks towards a structure on the left with a central glowing orb and vehicle platforms on the right
A map I made to take advantage of the skybox portion of Sandbox, the second "canvas" map released for Halo 3. It also happens to be one of the few asymmetric maps I ever created and in the spirit of the skybox, it is built to encourage the usage of aerial vehicles to access parts of the structure and approach from more angles than the footpaths allow. This map also features an improvised "laser turret" of sorts to help defend the building from vehicles from a specific direction.
view of the top of a map connected by a tunnel in the middle with a wall otherwise separating the symmetrical sides
A symmetrical, compact map focused heavily on close-quarters built in Foundry, the first "canvas" map released for Halo 3. The two bases on each side of the map house most of the weapons and equipment. There are also semi-safe spawn rooms on either side of the map that allow for mostly one-way entry by way of a destructible grav-lift pointed into the adjoining hallway.