Inure Prototyping and Development

Final Version

  • A gif featuring the first interior segment of the game demonstrating the bullet collection and bomb firing mechanics.
  • The first shot in the opening cinematic featuring the dreadnought against a star with a satellite in the foreground.
  • The hangar that serves as the game's main menu and is heavily inspired by similar menus in FreeSpace and Star Wars TIE Fighter.
  • The exterior section of the game featuring large amounts of debris from the destroyed fleet as described in the mission briefing.
  • The first area inside the dreadnought featuring both static and targeted bullet patterns.
  • The second area inside the dreadnought featuring more complex geometry as well as non-bullet hazards like the EMP generators.

Early Production

  • The first pass at a diagetic HUD during production. Includes "rear view mirrors" that were later removed in development due to a lack of use.
  • Updated HUD and shield effects that still include the rear view mirrors.
  • Increased shipt hull integrity and lighting test.
  • Area exit example and more lighting tests.

Original Digital Prototype

  • Camera testing in the original prototype for Inure.
  • Shield system prototyping for Inure.
  • Shields running out and causing death in the final version of the Inure prototype that also included some basic bullet patterns.